Posted November 24, 2014 at 8:07 am

This week begins what I consider the most important holiday of the year: Thanksgiving. It’s the time so many of us reflect on where we’ve been, what we’ve faced, what we’ve accomplished, and what and who we’re lucky to have in our life. I was inspired to write and post this by something that a friend recently shared with me.

As one person in New Hanover County, I’m thankful for so much:

  • A wife and 2 children that support me and what I do, but more importantly a family that I do my best to support in every way possible every day;
  • The opportunity to serve the board and the community as county manager;
  • Being employed by and working with the finest public service team in North Carolina;
  • The chance to live and work in paradise;
  • Friends that are friends for all the right reasons;
  • Working in a democracy that works;
  • Making mistakes and learning from those mistakes;
  • Having the freedom and support personally and professionally to try new things without fear of failure;
  • The vision and goals we all share for the place we call home: New Hanover County, North Carolina
  • I’m thankful for today.

I wish everyone, whether I know you or not, the best Thanksgiving ever – you deserve it.

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