School Safety & Community Violence

New Hanover County is developing actionable plans to invest in measures that will improve school safety and prevent community violence. This is an important community-wide conversation, and the county is working with numerous stakeholders, families, and partners who are deeply involved in the community throughout the process.

We will keep this webpage updated as more information is learned, community forums are scheduled, and plans are developed – so check back often!


New Hanover County has launched a community survey to help identify additional plans and solutions.  Take the survey below and share your ideas about how to shape this ongoing work.

Encuesta de Aportes Públicos de Seguridad Escolar y Comunitaria

Complete la encuesta de cinco minutos a continuación, para compartir sus comentarios anónimos sobre la seguridad de las escuelas y la comunidad, la notificación de incidentes y la comunicación, y los programas y recursos de la comunidad. La encuesta estará abierta hasta el 1ro de noviembre.

Haga clic en “Fill out the form” a continuación para compartir su respuesta. Gracias por tomarse el tiempo para compartir sus pensamientos con nosotros.

The county has been meeting with school administration, teachers, parents, students, law enforcement, and community partners who are already on the ground doing a lot of this work. Those conversations have two different goals: to determine near-term investments and solutions within schools to make them safer, and to determine what is needed long-term, community-wide to prevent violence and provide better intervention tools and support for youth. This two-pronged approach will help inform plans that will be developed.

Community input is being actively solicited through a public survey and additional forums and student focus groups. All of these conversations will help the county determine how to move forward and will be fully informed by the voices of our community.

October 18 Update:

At the October 18, 2021 Board of Commissioners meeting, County Manager Chris Coudriet provided an update to the board on the framework of investments and strategies over the next three years to help address structural violence and direct violence in the community, and improve school safety. Additional details of this plan, funding information, and program development will take place over the coming weeks and months. An overview of the initial strategies and potential investments can be viewed here.

September 20 Update:

At the September 20, 2021 Board of Commissioners meeting, County Manager Chris Coudriet gave an update on the county’s progress to support school safety & community violence prevention initiatives. Community engagement work has begun to identify problems and possible solutions, with more opportunities for public forums & collaboration to come. Watch this update to the board here.

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