New Hanover County Health & Human Services Building

View photos of the dedication ceremony and new building here.

New Hanover County built a new Health and Human Services building that co-locates the county’s Public Health Department and Department of Social Services (DSS) to provide convenience for clients and create efficiencies in service offerings. The  building is located at 1650 Greenfield Street.

The new Health and Human Services building was designed by Sawyer Sherwood and Associates, and was built by Monteith Construction. The new building includes:

  • Four stories
  • 96,103 square feet
  • A large multipurpose room (3,300 square feet) on the first floor with the ability to split the room using a movable wall
  • A green roof and roof terrace located on the third floor, accessible through a large staff break room on the fourth floor
  • Tall windows on all floors to allow plenty of natural light into office spaces
  • Energy efficient features – Duke Energy estimates the building will consume 29% less energy than a standard office building of the same size.
  • A public transportation stop located conveniently at the public entrance of the building
  • May 23, 2018: Groundbreaking ceremony was held to officially kick off the construction phase of the project .
  • June 2018: Construction begins
  • October 2019: Building complete, DSS staff move in and services begin from new building
  • November-January: Former DSS building torn down and a new parking lot built in its place
  • February 2020: Public Health staff moved in and begin services in the new building
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