Northside Grocery Store

New Hanover County is making several investments in the community to provide equitable resources for residents, increase stability for families, and give children and adults strong foundations to thrive. As part of this community building plan, the county is designing and building a grocery story on the Northside of downtown Wilmington, which has been designated as a food desert for over 35 years.

The grocery store is planned to be located at 900 N. 10th Street and will be operated by the Northside Food Co-op once it is built. It will provide neighbors with a nearby and convenient location to access fresh food and create job opportunities for residents.

Work is currently underway, in partnership with the Northside Food Co-op, to bring the store to reality. Seven roots, a grocery consultant, has been selected through a request for qualifications process and project planning is currently taking place with a goal to open the store by the summer of 2024.

Access to healthy food is necessary for a person’s health and overall wellbeing, so this store will be a valuable and needed resource in the community.


Below is an overall timeline of the project:

  • January 2022: Approval by the Board of Commissioners to build and construct a Northside Grocery Store
  • January-July 2022: preliminary design and project scope developed, request for qualifications outlined, and land donation work begins
  • July 2022: Wilmington City Council approves the county’s request for the donation of land located at 900 N. 10th Street
  • Summer 2022: Seven roots consultant selected and then project discovery, store vision, and site plan process begins
  • Summer 2022-Fall 2022: Store planning and design takes place
  • Spring 2023: Construction begins
  • Summer 2024: Estimated store opening

Community engagement will take place throughout the process and opportunities for input will be shared through this website.

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