Our Vision

As a resident, local business owner, or someone who visits New Hanover County, I hope you’ll spend time “surfing” our most effective tool for teaching and communicating about the success of the county organization: www.nhcgov.com. Of particular value, in my personal opinion, is the portion of the page that is dedicated to the county’s vision. I think you may agree that if the county has no concrete plan for success, no target to aim, or no goals to achieve then we’ll deliver less than the community expects and deserves. What’s the old saying? “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

So, what does the county stand for? You can check it out on the home page by clicking the link to “Our Vision.”

On that page you’re going to have the chance to read in detail the county’s public policy mission, the county’s vision for the future, the shared values everyone, and I mean everyone, in the organization commits to, the strategy map (or our game plan) that every policy choice is aligned with, the business principles we manage by every day, and the evidence of community success over the last 2 years, specifically in the areas of economic development and public safety.

Fundamentally, this organization is focused on delivering value for taxpayer dollars. A lot of what the county does in terms of service and policy is directed to us by the federal government and the state government [because we’re creatures of the state], and we do a number of things not mandated by either the federal or state governments – value added things such as sponsoring a robust public library system, or building and maintaining some 15 public parks, and owning and operating the oldest county museum (Cape Fear Museum) in the state. No matter the public policy choice made and the services the county offers, delivering value for taxpayer dollars is our focus.

It’s my sincere hope that you see and believe our focus of delivering value for taxpayer dollars, and that you experience the county’s promise to make New Hanover County a place that is safe, healthy, and well.

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