New Hanover County Makes You Safe, Healthy, and Well

The proverbial question: What do I get for my tax dollars? It’s a fair question, and it’s one that any county government should be in position to answer without fail or hesitation. Rather than offer a response that includes a litany of things New Hanover County does for you or on your behalf every day, it’s probably easier to remember and resonates more strongly with you if I get straight to the point. New Hanover County makes you safe, healthy, and well. In fact, that’s our promise to you.

No matter how you cut it, the services we invest deliver on our promise: we ensure someone answers your call if you dial 911 and you get the right resource for your emergency; we ensure the restaurants you eat at or order food from is sanitary; we ensure youth and adult recreation leagues have viable field space for organized play and activity; we ensure buildings you enter are built to a defined code for your protection; we ensure your children or adults back in school have adequate facilities to learn in; we ensure the trash we all create is disposed of appropriately; we ensure children are adopted by loving/caring parents; we ensure children and adults are vaccinated against disease; we ensure our returning veterans get access to the benefits they’ve earned; we ensure your neighbor does not infringe on your own property rights – again, New Hanover County makes you safe, healthy, and well.

I look forward to sharing with you over the coming weeks our business model for delivering on our promise to you.

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