Introducing New Hanover County Manager’s Message

Posted September 26, 2014 at 12:49 pm

Technology makes communication so much easier and faster. I believe New Hanover County government has really taken a huge step forward in our capacity to reach our customers, and I want to use our technology to communicate regularly and with relevance to those who are interested. As such, I’m excited about launching the New Hanover County Manager’s Message on the Administration page of our website. You’ll find the message is designed to address important happenings and milestones and offering context to things that happen with your county government. You can always expect honest and candid messages with this tool, and I believe the message will elevate your trust in us and transparency in our actions.

With that being said, let’s talk about what’s happening in our community this week. 2014 represents the 275th birthday of our wonderful city and county seat – Wilmington. While not exactly the oldest city in our great state, it represents one of the original cities with deep history and tradition and considering the long history of our state, Wilmington was, not that long ago, the largest and most important city in our state. She still looks good for her age, and her future looks bright. I’m a bit envious of those that will be here in another 275 years to see what she looks like then and the important place she’ll still hold in the history of North Carolina.

Depending upon when you read this message, the city will be about or have already had her official birthday party – Saturday, September 27, 2014. No matter your time of reading, New Hanover County has and will always be an important partner with the City of Wilmington, and we’re excited to have been an active sponsor of her 275th birthday.

Check out this great message from the chairman of the county commission and the mayor, and be sure to tune in to and NHCTV often to see some exciting pictures and video from the event.

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