Regular meetings and subcommittee meetings are held monthly, on the 4th Tuesday at 230 Government Center Dr. starting at 4:30pm for Subcommittee and 5:30pm for the regular meeting.


New Hanover County-Appointed Members

  • Liz Carbone
  • Fawn Rhodes
  • Sam Wheeler
  • Cherri Cook
  • Stephanie Medcalfe

City of Wilmington-Appointed Members

  • Chalrean B. Mapson
  • Kirsten Kainz
  • Sabrenia Smallwood-Moore
  • Victoria McSwain
  • AntrevonnTate


The Community Relations Advisory Committee (C-RAC) was organized on October 1, 2016 to address community issues involving prejudice or discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, creed or religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition. The committee is a collaboration between New Hanover County and the City of Wilmington. Learn more in the panels below and in the 

The C-RAC will provide accommodations, such as larger print agendas and an interpreter, upon adequate request for meetings and events.

Note: The C-RAC Community Resource Outreach site at the downtown library. Updates to the location of the Outreach site will be posted when available. All individuals are welcome to email your form for submission, but all in-person meetings are temporarily suspended.

C-RAC will be hosting quarterly “Meet and Greets” throughout the county to inform residents of who the C-RAC is, what it does, and how it assists community members with issues related to prejudice and discrimination. More information will be available shortly.

Employment Discrimination laws seek to prevent discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, and age by employers. Discriminatory practices include bias in hiring, promotion, job assignment, termination, compensation, retaliation, and various types of harassment.

If you believe that you have been subjected to employment discrimination by a state or county government agency, the C-RAC may be able to assist you. To submit a complaint: download, print, and complete the Employment Discrimination Complaint Form (PDF) from home or at any New Hanover County Public Library branch. Please note: all complaints filed are confidential.

NC Civil Rights Division

  • Submit your completed form
    • By Email 
    • Mail or Drop Off
      • New Hanover County Office of Diversity and Equity
        230 Government Center Drive, Suite 120, Wilmington, NC 28403
        Attn: Linda Thompson