CAMA Permit Program

The Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA) program manages development in coastal areas by requiring permits for development in Areas of Environmental Concern (AECs). AECs are coastal areas that contain natural hazards or important environmental, economic, or cultural resources. Development is defined as any type of construction, associated land clearing, or land alteration.

Your project is probably in an AEC and will require a CAMA minor permit if it meets one or more of the following: 

  • In or on the waters of the state, on a marsh or wetland area
  • Within 75 feet of the normal high water line along the estuarine shoreline
  • Within 30 feet of the normal water level of areas designated as inland fishing waters by the North Carolina (NC) Marine Fisheries Commission
  • Within 575 feet of the mean high water line along the shoreline of an Outstanding Resource Water (ORW), as designated by the Environmental Management Commission
  • Within about 300 feet of the ocean beach
  • Within about 1,000 feet of an inlet

Note: Projects requiring additional state or federal approvals may require a CAMA major permit. You may contact your local permit officer at  910-798-7116 if you are unsure if your project constitutes major or minor development.