Adult Services

To report abuse, neglect, or exploitations of an adult:

  • Always call 9-1-1 anytime there is an emergency situation with child or adult abuse or neglect.
  • During business hours (Monday-Friday from 8am - 5pm.), call Social Services at 910-798-3420
  • After business hours (5pm-8am) and on the weekends/holidays, call the NHC non-emergency number: 910-452-6120

The mission of Adult Services is to assist older and disabled adults and their families through programs and services that provide protection and support and enhance the dignity and independence of adults.

North Carolina Law requires that anyone who suspects that an elder is being abused or neglected must report their concerns to the Department of Social Services, Adult Protective Services.

Eligibility requirements differ depending on the program.

How to Apply for Services

Requests for information or assistance can be made:

  • Calling the Social Services department at 910-798-3500
  • In person or in writing to NHC HHS, 1650 Greenfield Street, Wilmington, NC  28401