Hanover Pines Nature Park

Hanover Pines Aerial Map


Hanover Pines Nature Park (formerly known as Battle Park) is a 42.5-acre county-owned property located at 6101 Carolina Beach Road, just south of Manassas Drive in southern New Hanover County. The county is developing the property into a passive county park for the greater community to enjoy. (scroll down for more information on passive parks). This $2.8 million project is now under construction with WB Brawley Company. We anticipate it being completed in February 2024. The park will have a picnic shelter, restrooms and 1.25 mile walking trail. We will continue to post any updates on the park here and on our Facebook page.

Battle Park Draft

About Passive Parks

A passive park is a park that is principally designed for use in an unstructured or informal way. It is generally a space that requires minimal development. Passive recreation refers to recreational activities that do not require special facilities, courses, or fields. Passive recreation is typically unorganized, unstructured, and non-competitive, and places minimal stress on a site's resources. Passive parks can also help to enhance a county's water quality, preserve wildlife habitats, and protect natural areas. Passive park amenities may include multi-purpose trails for walking, hiking and biking, nature playgrounds, interpretive learning, outdoor classrooms, and open green space.