When You Call 911

New Hanover County's Public Safety Communications Center handles calls for emergency services including vehicle collisions, welfare checks, emergency medical services (EMS), fire rescue, police, and other public safety calls. The county's 911 operators receive approximately 400 calls every 24 hours from someone who needs emergency services. Additionally, the 911 center receives around 1,000 calls per day for other types of services and information.

If you need assistance with a non-emergency situation, please do not dial 911. Calling 911 for a situation that is not a serious threat to someone's health or safety may tie up operators who are needed to respond to an active, life-threatening emergency.

For non-emergencies, such as water, power, or cable outages call the non-emergency line.

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For additional information about New Hanover County’s 911 communications, visit the FAQs page.

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