MANDATORY WATER RESTRICTIONS ARE IN EFFECT for all CFPUA customers until further notice.

An open BURNING BAN is in effect for all unincorporated areas of New Hanover County, as debris collection from Hurricane Matthew continues.

A State of Emergency is still in effect due to coastal flood warnings.

Property Management

Preserving the past, maintaining the present and building the future of New Hanover County 

Property Management is a people, customer-oriented organization with several distinct functions.  Our core objective is to provide a safe and hygienic environment for our fellow employees, the citizens of New Hanover County and visitors.

We accomplish this objective through:

  1. an efficient use of cost and energy
  2. a computer generated work request system for routine, preventive and emergency maintenance


  • Jerome Fennell
    Phone: (910) 798-4330
    Fax: (910) 798-7830
  • Steve Bartie
    Material Control Specialist
    Phone: (910) 798-4342
  • Nancy Broughton
    Administrative Support Technician
    Phone: (910) 798-4320
  • Kevin Caison
    Facilities Project Coordinator
    Phone: (910) 798-4338
  • Chris Clayton
    Trades Supervisor
    Phone: (910) 798-4349
  • James Derseraux
    Equipment Shop Superintendent Vehicle Management
    Phone: (910) 798-4320
  • Scott Gordon
    Fiscal Support Technician
    Phone: (910) 798-4334
  • Jim Haley
    Custodial Superintendent
    Phone: (910) 798-4333
  • Tina Lovingood
    Administrative Support Technician
    Phone: (910) 798-4330
  • Thomas Melton
    Trades Supervisor
    Phone: (910) 798-4339
  • Jared Taylor
    Energy Program Specialist
    Phone: (910) 798-4319
  • Arthur Wilkinson
    Equipment Shop Supervisor Vehicle Management
    Phone: (910) 798-4323
Property Management: 200 Division Drive • Wilmington, NC 28401 • Phone 910-798-4330 • Fax 910-798-7830