MANDATORY WATER RESTRICTIONS ARE IN EFFECT for all CFPUA residential and business customers until further notice. Learn more here.

New Hanover County is currently collecting debris from Hurricane Matthew. A State of Emergency is still in effect due to coastal flood warnings. Stay up-to-date at and report power outages to Duke Energy at 1-800-POWERON.

School Bonds

bts7In early November nearly 64 percent of those that voted in the New Hanover County general election checked yes to the question for $160 million in school bonds for the New Hanover County public school system. With a majority voting in favor, the long term task of designing facilities, issuing bonds at different intervals, and building the improvements has begun. You can see that hard work already in motion with the recent county commission approval to purchase nearly 18 acres in Porters Neck for a new elementary school.

As a concerned citizen with an interest in the governance of this county, I want you to know that great care and coordination will occur between the school system administration and the county government administration. In partnership with the school system, we are committed to delivering the facilities our children need, we are committed to delivering those facilities in a timely manner, and we are committed to delivering those facilities within the preliminary budgets set for the work.  It’s not lost on me that with our community’s affirmative vote you’ve voluntarily entrusted one of your most precision resources (your money) to the county government, and as such, I am committed to ensuring these school projects, through partnership and collaboration with the school system, deliver value for your taxpayer dollars.

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