Departments and Agencies

<A href='/Pages/Budget.aspx'>Budget</A>
Director: Cam Griffin
Main Phone: (910) 798-7189
<A href='/Pages/CountyAttorney.aspx'>County Attorney</A>
Director: Wanda Copley
Main Phone: (910) 798-7153
<A href='/Pages/Courts.aspx'>Courts</A>
Director: Benjamin David
Main Phone: (910) 772-6600
<A href='/Pages/Engineering.aspx'>Engineering</A>
Director: Jim Iannucci
Main Phone: (910) 798-7139
<A href='/Pages/FireServices.aspx'>Fire Services</A>
Director: Donnie Hall
Main Phone: (910) 798-7420
<A href='/Pages/IT.aspx'>Information Technology</A>
Director: Leslie Chaney
Main Phone: (910) 798-7107
<A href='/Pages/Library.aspx'>Library</A>
Director: Harry Tuchmayer
Main Phone: (910) 798-6301
<A href='/Pages/RiskManagement.aspx'>Risk Management</A>
Director: Jennifer Stancil
Main Phone: (910) 798-7497
<A href='/Pages/SocialServices.aspx'>Social Services</A>
Director: LaVaughn Nesmith
Main Phone: (910) 798-3400
<A href='/Pages/VeteranServices.aspx'>Veteran Services</A>
Director: Ellis Pinder
Main Phone: (910) 798-7611
<A href='/Pages/CapeFearMuseum.aspx'>Cape Fear Museum</A>
Director: Ruth Haas
Main Phone: (910) 798-4350
<A href='/Pages/CountyCommissioners.aspx'>County Commissioners and Clerk to the Board</A>
Director: Sheila Schult
Main Phone: (910) 798-7149
<A href='/Pages/DevelopmentServices.aspx'>Development Services</A>
Director: Dennis Bordeaux
Main Phone: (910) 798-7308
<A href='/Pages/Elections.aspx'>Elections</A>
Director: Marvin McFadyen
Main Phone: (910) 798-7330
<A href='/Pages/EnvironmentalManagement.aspx'>Environmental Management</A>
Director: Joe Suleyman
Main Phone: (910) 798-4403
<A href='/Pages/Health.aspx'>Health</A>
Director: David Rice
Main Phone: (910) 798-6500
<A href='/Pages/JCPC.aspx'>Juvenile Crime Prevention Council</A>
Director: Novella Frieslander
Main Phone: (910) 798-4226
<A href='/Pages/PGSRC.aspx'>Parks and Gardens</A>
Director: Tara Duckworth
Main Phone: (910) 798-7620
<A href='/Pages/PropertyManagement.aspx'>Property Management</A>
Director: Jerome Fennell
Main Phone: (910) 798-4330
<A href='/Pages/SRC.aspx'>Senior Resource Center</A>
Director: Brenda Brow
Main Phone: (910) 798-6400
<A href='/Pages/swcd.aspx'>Soil and Water Conservation</A>
Director: Dru Harrison
Main Phone: (910) 798-6032
<A href='/Pages/CommunityJusticeServices.aspx'>Community Justice Services</A>
Director: Kathy Stoute
Main Phone: (910) 798-6493
<A href='/Pages/CooperativeExtension.aspx'>Cooperative Extension</A>
Director: Al Hight
Main Phone: (910) 798-7660
<A href='/Pages/CountyManager.aspx'>County Manager</A>
Director: Chris Coudriet
Main Phone: (910) 798-7184
<A href='/Pages/Courts.aspx'>District Attorney</A>
Director: Benjamin David
Main Phone: (910) 772-6610
<A href='/Pages/EmergencyManagement.aspx'>Emergency Management and 911 Communications</A>
Director: Warren Lee
Main Phone: (910) 798-6900
<A href='/Pages/Finance.aspx'>Finance</A>
Director: Lisa Wurtzbacher
Main Phone: (910) 798-7187
<A href='/Pages/HR.aspx'>Human Resources</A>
Director: Mark Francolini
Main Phone: (910) 798-7178
<A href='/Pages/KAB.aspx'>Keep New Hanover County Beautiful</A>
Director: Jennifer O'Keefe
Main Phone: (910) 798-7564
<A href='/Pages/pandi.aspx'>Planning and Inspections</A>
Director: Chris O'Keefe
Main Phone: (910) 798-7165
<A href='/Pages/RegisterofDeeds.aspx'>Register of Deeds</A>
Director: Tammy Theusch Beasley
Main Phone: (910) 798-4530
<A href='/Pages/Sheriff.aspx'>Sheriff</A>
Director: Edward J. McMahon
Main Phone: (910) 798-4200
<A href='/Pages/TaxAdministration.aspx'>Tax</A>
Director: Roger Kelley
Main Phone: (910) 798-7300