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January 24
NHC to Become Nation's First FCC-Approved Smart County

(New Hanover County) - New Hanover County will become the nation's first FCC-Approved Smart County using TV White Spaces on Thursday. 

Following the official certification of their cloud-based spectrum management technology by the FCC, Spectrum Bridge is officially launching the first commercially TV White Spaces network in New Hanover County.  The network will provide residents of New Hanover County within range of the deployment area with several civic implementations around the county (i.e. security, telemetry, utilities monitoring, etc.). 

On Thursday, January 26 representatives from the FCC, Spectrum Bridge and our local government will 'launch' the first commercial TV White Space network and discuss the importance of this historic event in the evolution of wireless communications. 

This deployment will be broadcast live on New Hanover County's government television channel, NHC-TV (Time Warner Ch. 13/Charter Cable Ch. 5).  It will also be streamed online at http://www.nhcgov.com/NHCLive.

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Background Information:
There are several companies that have been working to take advantage of this technology (including Microsoft and Google) to address several national telecom issues, including providing broadband to rural America, as well as solving the ‘spectrum scarcity’ crisis resulting from the explosion in Smartphone and tablet usage.  ​