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2014 Primary Candidates


Candidate filing for the 2014 Primary Election begins at 12:00 noon on Monday, February 10, 2014 to 12:00 noon on Friday, February 28, 2014. 


2014Board of Education (4 Seats)Emma SaundersDemocrat3709 Providence Ct, Wilmington, NC 28412910-395-0029
2014Board of Education (4 Seats)Chris MeekDemocrat3601 New Colony Dr, Wilmington, NC 28412910-231-1553
2014Board of Education (4 Seats)Tom GaleDemocrat8715 New Forest Dr, Wilmington, NC 28411910-541-1001
2014Board of Education (4 Seats)Ed HigginsRepublican4110 Appleton Way, Wilmington, NC 28412910-452-0058
2014Board of Education (4 Seats)Janice CavenaughRepublican3549 Iris St, Wilmington, NC 28409910-799-5907 (H)/910-279-1082 (C)
2014Board of Education (4 Seats)Don HayesRepublican7805 Cypress Island Dr, Wilmington, NC 28412910-799-3228(H)/910-367-9543(C)
2014Board of Education (4 Seats)Bruce ShellRepublican1921 Atlantic Dr, Wilmington, NC 28411910-619-7188
2014Board of Education (4 Seats)Jim BrumitRepublican3116 Kirby Smith Dr, Wilmington, NC 28409910-799-9680(H)/910-228-3577(C)
2014Clerk of the Superior CourtJan G. KennedyRepublican5107 Lancome Ct, Wilmington, NC 28409910-833-8314(H)/910-772-6603(W)
2014County Commissioner (2 Seats)Rob ZappleDemocrat321 R L Honeycutt Drive, Wilmington, NC 28412910-619-3886
2014County Commissioner (2 Seats)Patricia SpearDemocrat2551 Croquet Dr 5, Wilmington, NC 28412910-264-8039
2014County Commissioner (2 Seats)Skip WatkinsRepublican4802 Park Avenue, Wilmington, NC 28403910-233-2995
2014County Commissioner (2 Seats)Chuck KaysRepublican208 Gatefield Drive, Wilmington, NC 284121404 Commonwealth Drive, Ste 100, Wilmington, NC 28403910-793-0173(H)/910-632-0638(W)
2014County Commissioner (2 Seats)Frank RobertsRepublican1639 Flounder Ln, Wilmington, NC 28409910-279-0823
2014County Commissioner (2 Seats)Ricky MeeksRepublican3610 Caswell Street, Ste 308, Wilmington, NC 28403910-791-1678
2014County Commissioner (2 Seats)John DismukesRepublican802 Summertree Ln, Wilmington NC 28412919-648-3162
2014County Commissioner (2 Seats)Hank ThomasRepublican6812 Creek Ridge Rd, Wilmington, NC 28411910-617-4676
2014County Commissioner (2 Seats)Campbell DoddRepublican4314 Stratton Village Ln, Wilmington, NC 28409PO Box 4062, Wilmington, NC 28406910-538-3633
2014County Commissioner (2 Seats)Derrick HickeyRepublican6101 Old Branch Rd, Wilmington, NC 284095302 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403910-791-4492 (ext 113)
2014County Commissioner (2 Seats)Dave ConklinRepublican5005 Crown Point Ln, Wilmington, NC 28409910-520-7369
2014County Commissioner (2 Seats)Charles D. KueblerRepublican6100 Nettle Cir, Wilmington, NC 28405910-398-4231
2014Court of Appeals Judge (Davis)Paul Holcombe94 Normandy Dr, Clayton, NC 27527919-333-7259
2014Court of Appeals Judge (Davis)Mark Davis7616 Rainwater Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615PO Box 62, Raleigh, NC 27602919-876-2968
2014Court of Appeals Judge (Hunter)Lucy Inman2627 Dover Rd, Raleigh, NC 27608PO Box 12067919-881-2029(H)/919-592-9987 (W)
2014Court of Appeals Judge (Hunter)Bill Southern101 Scenic Ridge Pl, King, NC 27021PO Box 683, King, NC 27021336-386-3712
2014Court of Appeals Judge (Stroud)Donna S. Stroud229 Grand Pointe Dr, Garner, NC 27529919-815-4259(H)/919-831-3680
2014District Attorney District 5Ben DavidDemocrat635 Forest Hills Dr, Wilmington, NC 28403910-352-5321(H)/910-352-1015(C)/910-772-6943(W)
2014District Court Judge District 5 (Blackmore)Lindsey McKee Luther18909 NC Hwy 210, Rocky Point, NC 28457910-675-3021(H)/910-352-5267(C)/910-663-3951 (W)
2014District Court Judge District 5 (Blackmore)Kent Harrell217 Oxbow Lndg, Burgaw, NC 28425PO Box 625, Burgaw, NC 28425910-259-7555(H)/910-470-0680(C)/910-259-7772(W)
2014District Court Judge District 5 (Crouch)Melinda Crouch2216 Gillette Dr, Wilmington NC, 28403910-520-3425
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