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Master Gardener Association 2014 Plant Sale
Hundreds of native plants for sale
April 3rd to April 7th
Thursday, April 3rd 9am - 5pm
Friday, April 4th 9am - 5pm
Saturday, April 5th 9am - 5pm
Sunday, April 6th 1pm - 5pm
Monday, April 7th 9am - 5pm
As always, we will need lots of volunteers for everything from set up, deliveries, and all the standard functions during the sale so note the dates and come on down.   Job descriptions are posted on the MGA web site.  Discount coupons for 10% off on any single shopping trip will be given for each volunteer shift completed.  Sign up sheets are already posted in the Hutaff Bldg.
Thanks for your past support and we look forward to seeing you in early April!
Last year over 250 volunteers participated in our plant sale which is the premier fund raiser for the New Hanover County Master Gardener Association.  All proceeds support Cooperative Extension and Arboretum grounds and programs.   As spring is welcomed, it’s a fun event and a great time to be around the Arboretum.  We look forward to seeing you there. For more information, contact Jon Wooten at 395-2332. 
Spring Blooming
Coral Bells
Pink Ruffle
Red Ruffle
Wolfpack Red
Pink Gumpo
White Gumpo
Judge Solomon
Mrs. GG Gerbing
George Tabor
Pink (double flower)
Abutilon- Pink
             - Tangerine
             - Yellow
             - Variegated
Acanthus mollis
Achillea – Magenta
             - Saucy Seduction
Agapanthus – Blue Heaven
Agastache cana – Summer Love
                         - Purple Haze
Ajania pacifica – 'Yellow Splash'
Alcea – Russian yellow
           - Antwerp Fig Leaf
           - Queeny Dwarf Mix
Allysum - Snow Princess
Amsonia – hubrichtii
Anemone Pretty Lady Emily
Angelonia Angelface Wedgewood Blue
                Angelface Pink
                - Zebra
Aquilegia – Alpine Blue
      - Single Winky Red/White
      - Songbird Goldfinch
Artemesia - Powis Castle
Asclepia - Orange
              - red
              - yellow
Asparagus Fern
Astilbe Radius (red)
            Elisabeth van Veen
           Bridalveil (white)
Bacopa - snowstorm
             Calypso Lavender
Baptisia – Carolina Moon
             - Blueberry Sundae
Begonia - Dragonwing
Begonia Bonfire Scarlet
Begonia double - Cherry Blossom
Begonia Sempervirens
Bidens 'Mexican Gold' (Mast 24)
Bletilla – pink
Brugmansia - white, pink & yellow
                   - Supernova (white)
Callibrachoa - Cherry Star (PW 54)
                     - Sweet Tart (PW 55)
                     - Lemon Slice (PW 54)
                     - Red (PW 54)
                     - Star Pink (Mast 29)
Canna - Blueberry Sparkler (AG3 13)
Cassia - Alata
Clematis - Wildfire
                - Nelly Moser
Christine has some Clematis
Clerodendrom Bleeding Heart Vine
Coleus - Dipt in Wine
            - Defiance
            - Jade
            - Gold Lace
            - Kingwoods Torch
            - Redhead
            - Saturn
            - Pink Chaos
Colocasia – Black Magic
                - Thailand Giant
Coreopsis - Dream Catcher
                 - Full Moon
                 - Mercury Rising
Crinum - Schreck
Crocosmia  - Ember Glow
Cuphea - Burgundy
Dahlia - Scarlet/Yellow Imp (Mast 45)
            - Tropical Breeze (Mast 41)
            - Rose BiColor (Mast 41)
Datura metel purple
Delospermum Garnet
Dianthus – Pixie
Dicliptera suberecta
Dichondra - Silver Falls
Digitalis - Dalmation
Dorotheanthus mezoo
Echinachea - Hot Papaya
        - PowWow Wild Berry (Walters 75)
Eucalyptus - Silver Dollar
Euphorbia - Diamond Frost
Euryops - yellow
Evolvulus - Blue My Mind (4* 73)
                 - Crispata
Fern - Tassel Fern
         - Holly Fern
         - Japanese Burgundy Lace
         - Kimberly Queen
         - Foxtail Fern
Fuschia Shadow Dancer - Marcia
                                      - Rosella
                                      - Violette
Fuschia Tassel - Salmon Pink
Gallardia – Fanfare
Gaura - Pink Picotee
Grass – Stipa
             Fiber Optic
             All Gold
Hanging Baskets:
     Geraniums with Diamond Frost
     Supertunias with:
               Licorice & asparagus fern
               Diamond Frost
     Petunias yellow/pink
     Fuschias – unmixed
Something like Mast Pg 12 'Twinkle Star'
Helichrysum - regular
                    - lemon
Hemerocallis - Joan Senior
         - Earlybird Cardinal (Walters 103)
         - Hush Little Baby (Walters 106)
         - Red Razzmatazz (Walters 110)
Hosta - Krossa
           - Eternal Flame AG3 32
          -  Minuteman AG3 33
           - Paul's Glory Walters 140
Hyacinth Bean Vine
Iberus Purity – Snowflake
Impatiens New Guinea - Lilac
                                       - Deep Purple
                                       - Bright Pink
Impatiens Sun Patiens - Magenta
                                  - Electric Orange
Ipomea Sweet Caroline - Lime
                                     - Purple
Iris - Caesar's Brother
       - James Dickeron
Justicia pink
Knifophia - Echo  Duo
Lamium - Ghost
Lantana – Mixed, including:
        Lola, Bandito "Rose", Radiation, Ham & Eggs, Trailing Violet
Leucanthemum - Becky
                        - Banana Cream
                        - Crazy Daisy
Lilium - Christine will find 2
Lychnis - Rose Campion
Lysimachia - Goldilocks
Morning Glory - seedless
Musa - Siam Ruby AG3 36
Nemesia Kumquat
Odotonerma Strictum (Fire Spike)
Oxalis – Charmed Wine
Pelargonium – Freestyle White (ivy)
     - Sangria (ivy)
     - Caliente Rose (ivy)
     - Caliente Deep Red
     - Caliente Lavender
     - Caliente Orange
     - Hot Coral (Mast 54)
     - Rocky Mount
     - Graffiti
Pentas - Starburst
           - Jessica
           - White
           - Ruby Glow
           - Stars & Stripes
           - Graffiti Lipstick, Rose, Violet
Petunias Wave blue
        - Wave purple
        - Blue A Fuse (Burpee)
        - Picasso in Pink (PW 110)
        - Pink Lemonade (Park Seed)
       - yellow
       - Vista Silverberry (PW 112)
       - Vista Sweet Tart
        - Supertunia Raspberry Blast
Phlox – Shockwave
            - Flame Scarlett
            - Brighteyes
            - Creeping Red
            - David
           - Intensia 'Blueberry'
           - Intensia Cabernet
Plumbago - blue
Polygonatum variegated
Pulmonaria – Bertram Anderson
Rudbeckia – Indian Summer
                  - Maya (perennial?)
Salvia - Black and Blue
           - Bolivian
          - Leucantha
          - Faye's Chapel
          - Madrensis (yellow)
          - Sallyfun Blue Emotion (Mast 129)
          - Sweet Sixteen (Walters 181)
          - Wendy's Wish
Scaevola – Bombay 'Dark Blue'
               - Diamond
Sedum mixed
            - Broccoli
            - Christine's look at
            - Mr. Goodbud
            - Autumn Charm
Sempervivum Hens and Chicks
Senecio Confusus
Strobilanthes (Persian Shield)
Thunbergia battiscombei
                - Grandiflora
Tibouchina urvilleana
                 - grandiflora
Trifolium - Dark Dancer (4* 126)
Verbena – Homestead Purple
              - Lanai Twister Pink
              - Homestead Red
  ?           - Royal Chambray (PW 37)
Veronica - Georgia Blue
Vinca major variegated 'Sterling Silver'
Zinnia Zahara
     - Fire, Yellow, Double Cherry (4 P15 each
Basil (10 varieties) - African Blue, Amethyst, Cinnamon, Genovese, Greek Columnar,
Italian Large Leaf, Lemon, Lime, Purple, Spicy Globe, Thai
Bay Laurel                                    
Chives - Onion & Garlic
Fennel, Bronze
Scented Geraniums (10) - Apple, Chocolate Mint, Citronella, Frosted, Lemon,
Lime, Rose, Nutmeg, Peppermint, Sidoides, Strawberry
Joe Pye Weed
Lambs Ear
Lavender (4) - Goodwin Creek, Grosso, Provence, Spanish
Lemon Balm
Lemon Grass
Lemon Verbena
Mexican Mint Marigold
Mint ( 8) - Kentucky Colonel, Pineapple, Chocolate, Orange,
Mint Julep, Peppermint, Mojito, Corsican
Nepeta (Catmint)
Oregano (3) - Greek, Italian & Cuban
Parsley, Flat leaf & curly
Rosemary, Upright & Creeping
Sage (6) - Berggarten, Variegated, Pineapple, Purple Sinoaloensis,Tri-color
Salad Burnet
Santolina - Green & Silver
Summer Savory
St. John’s Wort
Tarragon, French
Thyme ( 11)
                English, French Cooking, Variegated Lemon, Green Lemon, Lime, Mother of Thyme,
Silver, Wooly, Red Creeping, Oregano Thyme, Wedgewood
Arugula                                                Peppers - Banana, Bell, Jalapeno, Serrano
Broccoli                                                Swiss Chard
Cucumber                           Squash – Yellow & Zucchini
Cutting Celery                   Tomatoes – (20+ varieties) Cherry, plum, heirlooms, disease resistant, etc.
(Some plants may be not be available due to late winter weather conditions)
Abelia, ‘Kaleidoscope’
Aucuba, ‘Gold dust’
Blueberry, assorted varieties
Crape Myrtle, ‘Cherry Dazzle’
Camellia japonica- several varieties
Cephalotaxus, Prostrata & Fastigiata
Cryptomeria, ‘Globosa Nana’
Cypress, ‘Gold Thread’
Dianella caerula, ‘Casa Blue’
Fatsia, Japonica
Forsythia, Intermedia
Fothergilla Gardenii
Fig, Brown Turkey
Gardenia, ‘August Beauty’
Gardenia, ‘Frost Proof’
Guava, Pineapple
Holly, Sky pencil
Hawthorne, ‘Eleanor Tabor’
Hawthorne, ‘Majestic Beauty’
Hawthorne, ‘Snow White’
Honeysuckle, ‘Goldflame’
Hydrangea, ‘Bluebird’, ‘Nikko Blue’, Oak Leaf, Variegated, ‘Penny Mac’
Illicium Mexicana
Itea, ‘Henry’s Garnet’
Jasmine, Confederate
Jasmine, Carolina
Lady Banksia Rose, yellow
Lomandra (breeze grass) several varieties
Loropetalum, ‘Burgundy’, ‘Daruma’, ‘Ruby’, ‘Purple Pixie’
Mahonia, ‘Soft Caress’
Nandina, ‘Gulfstream’
Osmanthus, Fragrans
Palm, Windmill
Quince, assorted varieties
Roses, ‘Drift’ red
Spirea, ‘Shirobana’, ‘Reevesiana
Viburnum, Chinese Snowball
Vitex, ‘Shoal Creek’
Weigela, pink
White Fringe Tree
Wisteria, ‘Amethyst Falls’
Many varieties of upright, weeping , columnar, regular leaf, cut leaf, lace leaf, reds, greens including some new varieties.