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The Arboretum is a special 7-acres in the heart of New Hanover County where homeowners can see the variety of plants that grow in our coastal area as well as emerging trends in plant material. Cooperative Extension’s “horticultural laboratory”, the Arboretum has a very knowledgeable staff and many volunteers working to make the gardens beautiful and educational. Come out and discover what makes us so extraordinary!


The Arboretum seeks to be the premier resource center and model in the southeastern United States for horticultural education, leadership development, environmental stewardship, and community involvement in a setting of beautiful and enjoyable gardens.

To provide Coastal Carolina with a resource center for horticultural research, education, leadership development, and environmental and aesthetic appreciation.
  • Education
  • Beauty
  • Volunteers
  • Accessibility for all
  • Environmental Stewardship

The Following Principles shall be followed in the operations, programs and services of the Arboretum:
  1. Research based horticultural information shall be provided to all constituencies and will be useful, accurate, and current.
  2. Horticultural designs, techniques, and plantings exhibited in the Arboretum's gardens shall be diverse, dynamic, and reflective of emerging trends.
  3. Growth in horticultural knowledge, skills and leadership development shall underlie the Arboretum's educational programs and opportunities.
  4. Community involvement in education, service, and volunteerism shall be encouraged and promoted.
  5. The enhancement of beauty and the protection of the environment shall be a constant and active concern of the Arboretum, its staff and volunteers.